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<script src =""></script>
function paywithseerbit ( ) {
SeerbitPay ( {
"tranref" : new Date().getTime(),
"currency" : "NGN",
"description" : "TEST",
"country" : "NG",
"amount" : "1.00",
"callbackurl" : "",
}, callback = (response) => {
console.log(response /*response of transaction*/
}, close = (close) => {
console.log(close) /*transaction close*/
} )

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Secure Tokenisation

We developed our own card tokenisation and we don’t store any card numbers.

End-to-end encryption

All data transmitted to and from the API is encrypted by default. No additional steps necessary.

PCI Compliance Level 1

We take on the burden of PCI compliance, which means you don’t have to worry about external audits or data breach fines.

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