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Create seamless payment experience

Use leading technology that adapts to any business, store, industry, or shopper journey. You'll enjoy flexible features to fit your business with a single integration.

Faster Growth

Give customers the right payment methods and expand into new markets at the flick of a switch.

Amazing Experiencce

Deliver superior unified commerce customer journeys on any sales channel with one payments platform.


Get to market faster by removing the burden of PCI DSS compliance. Our secure SDKs tokenize card numbers to protect users.

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<script src =""></script>
function paywithseerbit ( ) {
SeerbitPay ( {
"tranref" : new Date().getTime(),
"currency" : "NGN",
"description" : "TEST",
"country" : "NG",
"amount" : "1.00",
"callbackurl" : "",
}, callback = (response) => {
console.log(response /*response of transaction*/
}, close = (close) => {
console.log(close) /*transaction close*/
} )

Simple, Stable and Easy
to Integrate

Create a simple, optimized and fast checkout in
minutes with our quick integration that's just a
few lines of code.

Seerbit inline code includes support for
card payments, bank accounts and transfers options.

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Get a full view of your business

With all payments in one place, you'll see all your sales channel activity to track performance, optimize, and grow faster than ever before.

  • Access to data rich insights in a single system
  • Consistent reporting across all payments methods
  • In-depth customer profiles and significantly less fraud
  • Chargebacks automatically appear on your seerbit dashboard
  • Issue partial and full refunds

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