Payment Experiences for Travels and Tourism Businesses

The travel industry is known to be challenging – volume dependent, thin margins, price sensitive, variation of demanding customers and its vulnerability to fraudulent activities.

This is a fast moving industry and the demand from its customers have grown a lot more over time. Customers want the best price and seamless experience when making travel plans. Ensuring businesses have a seamless and frictionless customer experience is not an easy task in the travel tourism world as travelers are from different places globally.

SeerBit provides a payment gateway solution that allow businesses collect payments in different currencies with our wide variety of payment options (Pay with card, Pay with Transfer, Pay with Bank Account and payments via digital wallets). Also included in the payment channel for businesses in the travel industry is allowing customers setup a payment plan which allows them pay for a booking multiple times or them splitting the payments between friends. With SeerBit’s flexibility, businesses are able to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape and meet up with the future growing plans of the business. SeerBit offers a creative solution, expert advices, transparency, flexibility and most importantly we are committed to maintaining a long relationship with businesses we partner with.