Goodbye to the most unprecedented year yet in human history.

While the rest of the world and you in your little corner tries to get used to this new normal as we now call it, the one constant that remains through it all is, how will income be made. Whether in a pandemic or in wartime, people will need the sustenance that comes from making money, exchanging ideas, services, products or labour for cash or anything of similar value in kind.

Here, Seerbit tries to break down some of the ways you can make money online 2021 as well as how to get paid for your services.

Video Editing

Not everyone can be a YouTuber. The rest of us have a respectable job of subscribing to YouTube channels and giving content creators enough views to monetize and feed their four children. And there are those who have the majestic job of editing these videos. Video editing is on track to be one of the most in-demand skills and jobs in 2021, with video editors earning as much as $700 per day.


Make money by learning to Code

The architecture of everything on the internet is built on millions and millions of lines of code. From Web designers to software designers, with skills on-demand ranging from HTML to CSS, coding is a wonderful way to earn money with the thousands of opportunities to work remotely available in the world today. If you are currently unskilled in any of the areas that need expertise, there’s no better time than now to upskill and get ready to be on your way into earning as much as $100,000 per annum.


While Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma continue to build their wealth with their innovations and giant e-commerce companies, there is an opportunity to piggyback their momentous ride to enormous wealth. Dropshipping is a business model where you sell a product to a customer, but the supplier stores, packages, and ships the product to your customers on your behalf. You will set up a store online and a payment gateway that allows you to receive money from anywhere in the world, and you’re in business.

Teach a Course

What is something that you are good at? It is always easy to say ‘Hey, learn this new skill, it is fetching people 100,000 dollars a year.’ But what are you already good at? If you think about it, you will find something and then you can teach a course on it. All you will need is to select a medium to teach it, either through an ebook, or video, set up a landing page, a payment gateway to receive payment for your course and get tons of traffic to the page and get to teaching and earning money as you do.


Make money online writing articles

Half the content on the internet is written word. And they are geared to convince people to buy a product or service, entertain, or educate. Whatever the end goal, there is money being made somewhere in the mix. To get in on the action and grab a fistful of money from the market, hone your writing skills and deliver excellent material to those who are willing to pay you for them and you will be a lot less broke than you were in 2020.